I have an announcement to make: Flowers are for everyone! This sounds like a simple enough idea, but it’s amazing how Valentine’s Day is still synonymous with men sending flowers to women. Luckily, Kate Owsley of Boston’s Back Bay Florist joins us once again to share her favorite romantic arrangements that are perfect Valentine’s Day bouquets for men. Take a look at her suggestions and don’t forget to comment which bouquet your guy would love most!

Every year, millions of men flock to the internet to find the perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet. And every year, many of us women forget that men like flowers too. Why is it that 64% of men buy flowers on Valentine’s Day, but only 36% of women do the same? While I applaud the women who do bring home the blooms, I implore the rest of us to step up and show your handsome guy just how much you care! Are you still wondering how to choose an arrangement he will enjoy? We have a few below to spark your imagination.

Valentine’s Day Bouquets for Men

Try a dark and sultry arrangement that is sure to set a romantic mood. Colors are deep and masculine while the loose shape has a sinuous quality he will enjoy. If you plan on cooking a homemade V-Day dinner, you could even use this as a centerpiece for you both to enjoy!

But what if your man is looking for something more simple and classic? Don’t forget that many men love red roses just as much as women. Nothing says, “I love you,” like a lush bouquet of crimson roses. The addition of protea and dusty miller gives it a rustic and more masculine aesthetic than the standard dozen red. When he shows up with your roses on Valentine’s Day, surprise him with his own bouquet, because he’s your Valentine too!

And what if your man prefers a more neutral color palette? This modern, green and white arrangement feels like it was plucked straight off the hillside. It’s overflowing with fragrant blooms, contrasted by rugged berries, greens, and succulents that far outlast their companions. Simply replant the succulents as seen on Bloomnation’s post here, and he will be enjoying your thoughtful gift for months, or even years, to come.

Thank you Kate! If you’re looking to send your guy some beautiful blooms, head on over to BloomNation.com!