Most familiar on the Fourth of July are the noisy and colorful fireworks that begin filling the air as soon as the sky darkens – but what about the Fourth of July flowers? As the daylight hours are filled with outdoor activities, families getting together and plenty of food and fun. At the same time, florists have a brisk time creating patriotic centerpieces.

A Most Important Historical Day

The U.S Independence Day commemorates the day the American colonies declared independence from Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th, 1776. It was part of the long struggle the colonists had engaged in, in the effort of self-determination. Each year since, the day has been celebrated in a variety of ways. From 13 gun solutes, to parades, to historical readings combine with fireworks.

More Casual Than Not

For such an important day, the Fourth of July holiday is not always filled with pomp, circumstance, and elegant clothing. In fact, for many the day is one of casual, comfortable clothing and family activities. This may be partially due to the fact that it’s a summer holiday and the weather is warm in many places, and very humid in others. Take this into consideration when you are ordering flowers from local florists for your events or to send to someone. An arrangement that would look great inside your home may not fare as well as an outdoor centerpiece.

Patriotic Designs, Gifts and Fourth of July Flowers

Though it’s not necessary to have floral arrangements that resemble American flags, or order everything in red, white and blue, sometimes themed events can be fun. Fourth of July festivities are a good time to instill a little historical knowledge in children, and a fun way to help non-natives understand the importance of the day to many in the U.S.

Centerpieces, flower arrangements, celebratory bouquets and gift baskets are all familiar territory for the expert florists . Because you can communicate directly with our florists, instead of going through a middleman, you can be more secure in the knowledge that what you’ve ordered is what you will get to help make your holiday a perfect one.