Send flowers to someone at work and it usually evokes excitement throughout the office. Does someone you know have a special event coming up? A birthday or an anniversary? That’s the perfect time to gain brownie points by surprising her with a floral bouquet gift that will bring a smile to her face. But, you may ask, why surprise her at work instead of home? Well… a couple of reasons.

Bragging Points

Okay, we should all be above that, and all that, but few of us really are. Sometimes part of the fun of having flowers delivered right to her desk at her place of work is so that she will hear the ooh’s and ah’s of her co-workers. The design you and your local florist collaborate on will be the talk of the office, or at least her part of it, and will likely spur others to send their own special someone gifts.


Flower deliveries make good ice-breakers, particularly if someone is new on the job. They don’t take much time to accept, yet their presence on a desk can create comment and conversation, as people exclaim over its beauty–and try to find out why it was sent. If your special someone is new to a business or to the area itself, send flowers to someone to make settling in all that much easier.

Send Flowers To Someone to Beautify

With proper care, cut flowers in a florist’s exquisite design will last and look fresh for days. Flowers delivered at the beginning of the week can brighten up a cubicle or workspace. You can also send a plant that can remain on her desk giving her something beautiful to look at every week.  Check out this modern planter by The Fiddly Fig, a BloomNation Premier Florist in Kansas City, MO.‘s local florists can give you an idea of the best flowers to send someone in an office situation. All of the florists in our floral marketplace know which flowers set off allergies more than others (something important to know for an open office situation,) which last the longest, and which have the most wonderful scents.