Expressing your feelings and saying “I love you” with flowers is a time-honored tradition. The feeling of love, one of the most heartfelt, and often fraught, emotions sometimes is first expressed by the presentation of a single rose. Or, a wildflower or daisy. Though each bloom has its own assigned meaning, what gives your gift real meaning is the feeling you put behind it. Still, when it comes to speaking with flowers, it’s fun to know which ones say what. Romantic love, friendship, fidelity, and unending love of one sort or another can all be expressed with the right bloom–your florist can help you in choosing, if you are a little unsure.

Saying I love you with Flowers – A Red Rose and Beyond

Red, in many flower varieties–most famous in roses–means “I love you.” The color is considered a passionate one, so whatever you say with a red flower is thought to be an intense version of the feeling, no matter the species. Red chrysanthemums, for instance, mean love, though they are not as popular as roses. Is your love immortal? Then add amaranth to your bouquet. If you’re planning on saying I love you with flowers but want to send something surprising, ask your local florist which would be the best blooms to choose.

For the Love of Friends

Friendships can last for decades, years, or even moments–but for each heartfelt friendship, there is a matching bloom. Yellow roses, for instance–or the pink rose, which signifies a less intense love than the red. An iris, in the language of flowers, means “your friendship means so much to me,” while an ivy can symbolize fidelity and affection. Sending flowers to your friends and loved ones “just because” becomes an even greater pleasure when you really think about the message your blooms are carrying.

You Mean So Much to Me

Sometimes simply telling someone, whether a romantic partner, a friend, a parent or even someone that helps you through the day, how much they mean to you is a forgotten art. The ease of online flower ordering, however, makes it much more convenient to simply pick out a bouquet and send it along.’s marketplace of florists takes it an extra step; instead of cookie-cutter bouquets, each local florist displays their own unique creations. That special something for that special someone is just a click away.