Wondering what the best way is for reviving droopy flowers in that lovely arrangement you received? Are the flowers not lasting as long as they should? Drooping and wilted flowers can be a problem at any time of the year, but especially during those warm summer months. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to preserve fresh-cut flowers and revive some of those wilting blooms. Of course, all cut flowers eventually lose their luster and need to be thrown away, but there is no reason why that day should come any sooner than it has to. To that end, here are a few pointers.

First Step – Prevention

How well you take care of your flowers when you first get them has a bearing on how long they will stay looking beautiful and fresh. The florist who created your bouquet may include some basic care instructions, as well as a packet of floral food, so pay attention to those and, also, follow these simple guidelines.

• Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight and away from the draft from either heating or cooling vents.

Ongoing Care for Reviving Droopy Flowers

• Change the water in your container every two or three days or as soon as you notice the water becoming cloudy or greenish. Remove the flowers from the container, rinse the vase out thoroughly, and then re-fill it with warm (not hot) water.

• Water-changing days are the perfect time to give your cut blooms a little TLC. Have a very sharp knife or scissors handy (dull blades will cause the base of the stem to crimp, preventing water and nutrients from reaching the flower.) Hold the stem under warm, running water and cut 1” off the bottom on a diagonal, remove any leaves that might now fall below the water line, then put the flowers back into your clean container.

Sometimes we don’t catch our bouquets in time, and the flowers begin to droop, wilt and, in general, look bad. Before you throw them out, though, try this:

• Fill a pan or tub with warm (not hot) water and put the entire flower in there, blooms and all.

• While the flowers are underwater, cut 1” from the stems, and leave the flowers in the water until it becomes tepid (about a half hour or so.)

• Remove the flowers from the water and place them in your clean vase with its clean, nutrition-fortified water, and set the flowers in a cool place. Within a short time, your flowers (if they are still able to be revived) will stand up proud and lovely for at least a short while longer.

What is the best method for reviving droopy flowers?

There is not a single best way to restore life to limp flowers. The best solution depends on multiple factors, including the type of flower. We suggest implementing all the preventive and ongoing care techniques above to take the best care of your special flowers.

BloomNation.com’s floral marketplace is filled with florists who are experts not only in designing unique and lovely bouquets, but in helping you care for your flowers after you take them home. Once you’ve chosen your bouquet—or have had one delivered to your door—ask our experts about how to use floral food, any substitutions, and any questions you have about caring for your flowers. Feel free to ask right here in the comments, as well—we’re happy to help.