What’s the ideal florist tip? When should you tip your local florist? Do you even need to? To tip or not to tip, that is the question.

Tipping etiquette can be tricky, especially when it comes to your local florist. Often we’re torn between sticking to a budget and showing appreciation for a job well-done. Sometimes service fees are included in the price too, which complicates matters. 

As a general rule of thumb: tipping is strictly optional when service fees are included, but a good idea otherwise. Let’s take the mystery out of tipping your florist with our guide below. 

Sometimes a Florist Tip Is a Must

There are situations when you should always tip. 

  • Above-and-beyond service: If your florist goes out of his/her way to please you, you should always tip. This includes scenarios when a flower is hard-to-find or when you need a rush order. Anytime you’re especially happy with the service, you should show it with a tip. 
  • Delivery obstacles: If you’re receiving a flower delivery and there are special circumstances, you should tip. For example, bad weather or several flights of stairs would warrant a tip. This makes sense: the delivery person will work extra to provide you service. 

However, most of the times, whether you’ll provide gratuity depends a lot on the specific situation you are in. Let’s go over the most common scenarios and instructions how to act in each of them. 

The Most Common Tipping Scenarios and Expectations

First things first – if the beautiful rose bouquet that just got delivered to your door makes you happy, and you have a few bucks to spare, why not show your gratitude by tipping your local florist? However, if you’re short on cash but don’t want to seem rude, here are a few tips on handling the situation like a pro.

If you pick up the flowers yourself… 

Let’s say you’re picking up a flower order yourself. In this case, tips aren’t expected but they’re definitely nice to give. You’ll likely see a tip jar near the cashier. If you love the bouquet or the florist gave you quick service, you might consider adding $2-$5 into the tip jar. 

If the flowers are delivered to you…

Delivery is slightly different from store pick-up. Generally speaking, you tip for delivery of any services to your home. (For example, it’s common practice to tip for food delivery.) Often floral delivery workers will receive a $2-$5 tip for a bouquet. If the order is particularly large, you might consider closer to $10. However, if a service fee is included in the order, you can pass on giving a tip. 

If you’ve sent flowers to somebody as a gift…

In this case, it’s not a bad idea to add a tip to your order. This way, the gift recipient won’t feel obligated to give a tip. Simply add $2-$5 to your order for the delivery worker. Most florist websites have a line on the checkout page for adding a tip. Of course, if your gift delivery has special instructions, you might consider giving $10 or more. 

If you’ve hired floral services for an event (such as a baptism or wedding)…

There’s no one answer for tipping for floral services. Nowadays, many florists include service fees into their event prices, which means you can forgo a tip. (This is especially true for owner-run businesses.) If not, however, you should plan a larger tip than a regular delivery. For weddings, florist tips usually run from $50-$150 depending on the scale of service. This tip can be given at delivery in a special envelope, or you can give it in-person or by mail after the event. If you’ve hired a wedding planner, he/she can take care of coordinating this tip instead.

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t tip…

Sometimes it’s hard to factor in tips. For a normal order, you have some room to show appreciation in other ways. If you’re short on giving a $5 tip, you might consider writing a 5-star review online. Florists depend on great reviews to get more business, so it’s a nice way to say thanks. However, when hiring floral services or making a large order, you should plan ahead and have a tip set aside. 

The final tip for florists: Here’s how to clarify your tipping policies as a service provider

Are your customers always asking you about tips? As a florist, you can get ahead of their questions by adding a quick note to their order or on your website’s FAQ page. Clarify your tipping policies so that customers feel confident about tipping (or not). You’ll also save yourself a few phone calls and emails from customers. 

At the end of the day, tipping is simply good etiquette. Now that you’ve read these must-know tips for tipping your florist, we hope you understand it once and flor-al!

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