Florists create flowers for lovers all the time. And it’s no wonder, since this is one of the most appreciated gifts for paramours all over the world. But what to do if your spouse isn’t the one to surprise you with a bouquet on a cloudy day?

Sometimes, spouses and significant others are a little clueless when it comes to sending flowers, for whatever reason. And, often, the reason is not that they don’t care… it’s simply that they don’t often think of it. Or, they feel, for some reason, that the whole flower-sending thing belongs in the realm of courtship, and not so much in the everyday relationship. Here are a few ways to let him (or her) know how mistaken they are.

Let Them Know Flowers for Lovers Make You Happy

Your spouse or special other simply may not realize how important flowers are to you. One way to remedy that situation is to let him know, either subtly or directly. Smile at beautiful rose bouquets you see, exclaim over so-and-so getting flowers delivered to the office, and use every occasion to show (as well as tell) your spouse about your love of flowers.

You Can Buy Yourself Flowers

There’s nothing wrong with buying yourself flowers at any time (yes, even if it’s Valentine’s Day), but when you are trying to encourage a spouse or significant other to buy them… well, it serves a double purpose. Talk about how much you enjoy picking out flowers for yourself… as well as how much you enjoy when someone else sends them to you out of the blue.

Flowers for Lovers Are Worth It – And So Are You

Sometimes one of the objections to sending that special someone in LA flowers is that they cost so much relative to how long they last. Let your spouse know that you think they are worth it, and that a gift of flowers—in a unique, imaginative design and in an excellent container—is worth it to you. That you will get enjoyment out of them, no matter how long they last and that, with care, cut flowers will last a lot longer than your spouse may think.

Stop Hinting and Just Ask Your Spouse for a Bouquet

If all else fails, just tell your spouse right out that you would love it if he sent you flowers. That it makes you feel special and loved, and that he is thinking of you. Do something special for your spouse as well, and you’ll both be happy.

It might help if your spouse establishes a relationship with a local florist in BloomNation’s marketplace of florists. That helps eliminate the discomfort or unfamiliarity factor, and the florists gets to know likes, dislikes and special occasions… and can send reminders, to make sure the flowers get there on time.