Flower as a gift is, of course, for everyone and anyone. A brilliant bouquet delivery will often bring brilliant smiles to faces, no matter what type of flowers are in the bouquet. Still, when you send a bouquet of flowers that are designed with the age of the recipient in mind, it can show that you gave your gift a bit more personal attention. Even then there are no hard and fast rules. Just simple suggestions to ensure that the flower gift you send is as perfect a gift as you can make it.

Flower as a Gift for Young Ones

Sending flower gift to a young relative or friend can really help make their day special. A birthday bouquet, a congratulations on a stellar report card, or even a simple “Just Because” gift will be remembered for a long time. Since, hopefully, they will get ever more beautiful and elaborate flowers throughout their lives, it’s a good idea to start off a bit small. Perhaps a posy, a small container of tea roses or daisies, or even a stuffed animal holding a small spray of flowers is appropriate. Let your local florist know that the bouquet is for a young child, and he or she may surprise you with a variety of simple and fun designs.

Flower Gift for Young Adults

Many late teens and young adults are beginning to spread their wings, and their floral designs should reflect that. More sophisticated than those for children, yet not overwhelming in their luxuriousness. Many at this age are seeking to differentiate themselves from others, so unique or exotic designs may suit them well. Most of our local florists use local or exotic flowers to create deceptively simple, yet very memorable bouquets that are perfect for young adults.

What to Send to Adults?

Bouquets of flowers for adult women and men can be anything the sender wants, but it’s best to keep the recipient in mind. Do they love romance? Seek out adventure? Going through a hard time in their lives? Various colors of flowers may reflect and even influence moods, which presents the giver with a perfect opportunity to personalize a bouquet. Remember, though, that while lush, vibrant and exuberant bouquets are perfect for some, others may prefer a simple arrangement that mimics wildflowers.

And, Older Adults?

Flowers not only have growing seasons, they have fashion seasons. Think of surprising an older adult in your life with a bouquet that contains flowers that were at the height of fashion in years past. Or, the blooms that used to fill their gardens in long-ago times, to bring a touch of memory and home. Though, of course, don’t let lack of knowledge stop you. Sending your elderly relative, loved one or friend a variety of beautiful bouquets from time to time makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift.

If you need more tips on age-appropriate bouquets, your local florist can always help. You can simply let them know the age of the recipient, and any personal touches you’d like, and they will take it from there.