Wouldn’t it be lovely to have certain flowers that, when given to a woman, are guaranteed to make her feel sexy? There is no doubt that these flowers would be very popular with both men and women–if they existed. Unfortunately, they don’t. Just as women come in every shape, size and color, each one has their own personal turnon’s. And turnoff’s, as well. There is no need to be discouraged, though; flower delivery can make almost any woman feel sexy. But the key is not always so much in which flowers are given, though that is also important, but in when, where and why the flowers make their appearance.


Flower choice is important. Sometimes there are few things that make a woman feel sexier than knowing that her mate knows her favorite flowers, favorite colors, and floral designs. Making sure that the flower delivery she gets it something she loves can open the gates and reassure her of her sexiness. On the other hand, make sure she doesn’t feel too predictable. Send or bring her new types of flowers from time to time, and be sure to tell her why they reinforce, for you, her sexiness. This simple yet stunning flower arrangement by Del Mar Floral & Gifts, a San Diego florist, is a great example of a unique gift that would surely make someone feel sexy!https://delmarfloral.com/


Give her flowers because it’s Saturday. Or because these particular blooms match her eyes. Or, maybe, because the way they sway in the wind reminds you of the swing of her hips as she walks. In other words, special occasion flowers are wonderful to get, but those should not be the only times she gets a flower delivery. Make the flower special to her, and that flower will make her feel sexy.


One good way to use flowers to make her feel sexy is to dot them around in unexpected places. A single bloom in her lingerie drawer will leave her in no doubt that you think she’s sexy, and may increase her feeling of sexiness, too. Think about what she does and where she goes during the day, and try to put flowers, and maybe little love notes, where she’d least expect them.


Don’t simply give her flowers on her birthday, or when you are apologizing. Send her her favorite blooms anytime, and let her know that you longed for her so much that you needed to hop online and send them right away. A big part of some women feeling sexy is being secure in the knowledge that their partners think they are sexy, as well.

Browse through BloomNation.com’s marketplace of florists for ideas on unique, creative designs. Because you’ll have direct connection with the local florists, once you tell them about the woman you are sending the flowers to, they may be able to suggest the perfect ones to make her feel at her sexiest.