Of all the emotions expressed in the language of blooms, flowers that symbolize love and passion seem to always be the most popular topic. A red, red rose is recognizable by many as a symbol of love, of desire, and of a passionate feeling for those to whom it is presented. But roses are far from the only flowers that can mean the giver feels a strong love or passion for the recipient of their gift. If you are looking for slightly different blooms for your gifts this year, ask your florist about these other passionate flowers.

There Are Many Flowers that Symbolize Love But You Just Need the One

Just like your partner is the one for you, you’ll want to find the flower that’s just right for them. We always recommend getting your lover their favorite bloom, but if that’s not an option (or you don’t know which florals they like), here are some options you can’t go wrong with:

  • Iris
  • Jonquil
  • Peach Blossom
  • Red Chrysanthemum
  • Syrian Mallow
  • Tuberose


Yes, the gentle, demure iris has a wild side. When clothed in white petals, the iris leans more toward symbolizing purity, faith, hope and even wisdom. But add just a little color—say, yellow–and the iris has a whole new attitude. A yellow iris, you see, symbolizes a flame of love. Perhaps even more passionately, though, the giver of a red iris burns for you.


The small, perky jonquil’s petals pack in a lot of meaning. Love me, it demands (or pleads) in the language of flowers. It also says that your affection is returned, or at least that the desire is there for it to be. In fact, sometimes the gift of a jonquil simply means desire itself.

Peach Blossom

The dainty peach blossom captivates. In fact, one of its meanings is “love’s captive” — which is a good thing to be, particularly if your love is returned.

Red Chrysanthemum

As in many things, in flowers red is often the symbol of love. And passion. The chrysanthemum is no different. Give the object of your affections red chrysanthemums and they will have no trouble interpreting the meaning.

Syrian Mallow

The giver of a Syrian mallow is not only filled with love, they are consumed by it. Or, at least, that is one of this passionate flower’s meanings. Check out how a local Honolulu florist incorporates Syrian Mallow in their Love and Romance Designs.


The light and fanciful tuberose brings to mind mild spring days, light chatter, good friends…. and dangerous pleasures. It’s that “dangerous pleasures” bit that gives this flower its place on the list of passionate flowers.

True Romance Is All About Intent

Researching the meaning of flowers and using that language to send messages is fun, but as any of BloomNation’s florists will tell you–it doesn’t have to mean a thing. It’s your intent that infuses your unique bouquet with meaning, so go with what you love and what appeals to you. Your BloomNation.com florist will create the bouquet; adding the passion is up to you.