flower arrangement with a lotus flower pod

The lotus flower is one of the most symbolic flowers in the world.  It is even a sacred symbol in some religions.

A lotus seed is a rare example of a seed that can survive droughts for more than two hundred years, after which it can sprout and grow. Read on to discover the meaning of the lotus, its origin, and more!

Lotus Flower Meaning

The lotus is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth in many cultures. The lotus is known for its ability to grow in muddy water yet emerge pristine and beautiful, making it a powerful symbol of spiritual growth, transformation, and purity.

The lotus is also used in many traditional medicines and cosmetics, as it is believed to have a range of health benefits, including reducing inflammation and promoting skin health.

In addition to its spiritual and medicinal significance, the lotus flower is also a popular ornamental plant in many parts of the world, particularly in Asia, where it is often featured in gardens, ponds, and other water features. Overall, the lotus is a powerful symbol of beauty, resilience, and transformation that continues to inspire and captivate people around the world.

Sending an arrangement with a lotus pod acknowledges resilience, so consider sending one when:

  • Someone who’s recuperating from an illness or surgery
  • A dear one is facing a challenge
  • A long-distance partner, to show that one day there will be opportunities for a reunion

More Lotus Facts:

  • It’s India’s national flower and is symbolic in Buddhism and Hinduism for wealth, prosperity, purity, and fertility.
  • The flower species is native to Asia and most predominantly in India and China.
  • The most common color variations of the lotus flower are pink and white. Other popular lotus colors include blue and red.
  • The lotus has been historically used for medicinal purposes such as a pain reliever and for alleviating muscle spasms.
  • It’s an aquatic plant species that thrive in ponds and lakes, most exclusively during warm seasons.
  • The flower can reach up to twenty inches above the water, which helps distinguish it from other botanical varieties like marigolds or arrowheads.

Lotus flower

In giving any kind of flower, it’s the meaning behind the gift that counts.

Floral arrangements with lotus pods are sometimes available for local flower delivery. Check out this unique flower arrangement by Jolie Fleur, a Del Mar florist in California, that contains two lotus pods. The lotus sends powerful messages of wealth and overcoming difficult times. Remember that hand delivery from a local florist ensures the freshest cut blooms and supports small businesses.