Cabbage roses are named for the dense swirl of petals that make up the center of this lovely flower. In fact, the scientific name for this rose variety is Rosa centerfolia, which means hundred petaled rose–though it’s possible that there are not quite a hundred folded petals in each flower. The cabbage rose is a hybrid rose that was first developed in the 17th century by Dutch rose breeders. It’s size, frangrance and versatility have made this bloom a favorite in gardens and in flower arrangements ever since.

Pretty in Pink

The most common varieties of cabbage roses come in flavors of pink, or rose, colors. The depth and intensity of the color depends on the type chosen. The stem and leaves of some varieties are covered with a deep green fuzz, giving rise to one of the alternate names for this flower, the moss rose. You can also find cabbage roses in white, and sometimes yellow and variations of purple. Your local florist may have access to other colors as well, depending on the season.

The Fragrance of Cabbage Roses

Many varieties of cabbage roses are very fragrant, and may not make a suitable gift for someone with a sensitivity to scent. On the other hand, they make a wonderful bouquet for those who want the fresh scent of roses to permeate their home or office space. This is a popular rose for use in creating attar of roses and rose oils.

Is That a Peony or a Rose?

Brides and wedding party planners often turn to cabbage roses as a replacement for peonies in bridal bouquets and for decoration. The cabbage roses many petals help create just the perfect look, particularly when they are loosened and spread out. They are often available when peonies and other wedding favorites are out of season, which makes them doubly popular.

Few flowers get away with having only one name, and the cabbage rose is no different. This fragrant bloom is also known as the Provence rose, Rose de Mai, moss rose and garden rose. They make a beautiful, fragrant addition to any occasion.

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