The truth is, there are over two hundred types of gardenias in the world, and each one is more beautiful than the other. Gardenia’s cool white petals provide a hint of the blooming fragrance that has made this flower one of the world’s favorites.

The hundreds of types of gardenias make up the favorite scents used in essential oils, fragrance and linen sprays, and other perfumed items at their base. A bouquet of gardenias in a room may be all you need to create a space that is fresh and filled with an enticing aroma.

Hot, Humid and Thriving

Far from wilting and drooping in humid climates, this is where the gardenia thrives. The flower grows naturally primarily in the tropical areas of Asia, Australasia, Africa and Oceana. That’s why even master gardeners have difficulty growing them elsewhere.

Some types of gardenias do succeed, however, which is why your local florists will likely have them on hand when you order them for your bouquet. Check out the wonderful Designs by David to find the most stellar gardenia bouquets in LA. though of course you should check first. With 142 species of gardenias, there are usually a few options for you to choose from.

Many Historical Uses

Like many flowers and plants, gardenias do more than look and smell pretty. In some Asian societies gardenia blossoms and fruit have been used as a fabric dye, food dye, as well as medicinal properties. Each part of the flower has been put to use in one way or another, in practices that continue even to this day. For many, their wonderful fragrance that brightens up a room is enough.

Symbolism and Meanings Behind the Many Types of Gardenias

Gardenias have a lot to say in the language of flowers, as well as in the color symbolism of flowers. Sending, or receiving, gardenias is one way to send a message of a secret love. Whose secret? Well, that’s for those involved to figure out. Other meanings associated with gardenias is that “you’re lovely,” and an expression of joy. The gardenia’s white petals are indications of purity, innocence, modesty and sincerity.

Flower meanings and symbols are fun, and your florist can help you choose the perfect ones to express your feelings, if that is what you want. You’ll find many knowledgeable people in our floral marketplace who will be happy to guide you. Sometimes you may want to send blooms that appeal to you, without worrying about what they mean, and that’s fine. It’s the gift of flowers itself that is most appreciated by those who receive them.