The colorful “plumage” of the bird of paradise flower stands out even in an array of beautiful blooms. When it is in full bloom, its “head” uplifted on the slender stalk, it’s easy to see the flowers’ resemblance to the bird from which it reputedly gets its name. These flowers make wonderful conversation pieces! Their inclusion in a bouquet adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Strelitzia Reginae

As with many flowers and plants, the common name of the bird of paradise flower is much different from its scientific name. Additionally, other types of flowering shrubs and bushes are called “birds of paradise,” so you can see why it’s necessary to define which one you are speaking of. When most people refer to the bird of paradise flower, however, they mean the Strelizia reginae, which also is sometimes called a “crane flower.”

Likes Warm Climates

Though the bird of paradise flower is indigenous to South Africa, where it can reach heights of up to 15 feet, it grows well in many warm climates around the world. For all its ornamental appeal, the flower is fairly easy to grow under the right conditions. With warmth, sunlight, and just enough watering and feeding, the bird of paradise offers its surprising blooms to both professional and amateur gardeners. Florists in many locations, with their unique artistry, create designs that highlight the flower’s exotic appeal.

Meanings and Symbolism

In the language of flowers, the bird of paradise has a few meanings. Magnificence and joyfulness are two meanings often associated with this stately bloom. Since it reminds them of a bird that has spread its wings and taken flight, the flower symbolizes freedom. Faithfulness and happiness are also terms that are associated with this flower. If you want to send a message with flowers, your local florist will no doubt be helpful–but remember, sometimes a beautiful flower is its own simple message.

Notice, when you are looking through’s floral marketplace, how sometimes the most magnificent flowers, like the bird of paradise, are hiding in plain sight. A unique bouquet may, at first glance, just seem like a collection of colors, but then you begin to notice the florist’s artistry. Each flower is placed to amplify or, sometimes, subdue the bloom next to it, and the whole presents a picture that cannot be found anywhere else.