A dahlias flower whose colorful blooms can range in size from 1 inch to 1 foot is sure to attract attention. Prized by gardeners and florists not only for their beauty, but also their variety, dahlias make wonderful additions to bouquets and arrangements. For some, though, these lovely flowers are also the gateways to mystery and romance.

More Than Just a Pretty Flower

Though dahlias were first introduced to European scientists and flower lovers in 1789, they’d been long known in their native environments. In Mexico, their primary habitat, dahlias (known under a number of different names) were not simply ornamental beauties; they were working plants. Their hollow stems became underwater breathing aids, while their flowers and leaves were used as food sources and for medicinal purposes, such as treating epilepsy. In fact, Mexico named the dahlia their national flower in the 1960s.

European and North American scientists also turned to the dahlia’s healing properties when treating diabetics before the discovery of insulin.

Big and Small and Colorful

The size variations of the dahlia flower heads often correspond to the size of their stems. Dahlias can be as short as 1 foot, or grow to a height of 8 feet or more. Florists appreciate the option of using these versatile flowers in small, intimate bouquets, or large, stately and eye-catching arrangements.

Dahlias are not shy in the color department, either. Pastels of every hue, deep and bold colorations, all one color or two and three combined–dahlias have it all.

Dahlias Flower is Mostly Fragrance-Free

Dahlias are remarkable for their beauty and variety, but it’s difficult to find one with a scent. This makes them a favorite with people who have scent-related problems–and a challenge for growers determined to grow fragrant flowers. Though they have been successful with a couple of hybrid creations, the majority of dahlia blooms smell like nothing at all.

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